Enchanted Orbs: an Arduino based Magical Drop clone (エンチャントされた球)

Magical Drop is a fun (and addictive) puzzle game series by the now defunct Japanese arcade veterans Data East. Personally I find the third installment (1997, on Neo Geo MVS) to be the ultimate version. Magical Drop F (on the PSX) was not too bad either. I decided to make a (primitive and limited) version of the game with an Arduino: Enchanted Orbs! Components This little homebrew homage is built with the following components:

How to drive a CGA screen directly with an Arduino

A couple of weeks ago there was a local advert for a vintage Tandy 1000RL computer in very minty condition. I picked it up, primarily because I was interested in the rather old school monitor it came with (a Tandy RGB-11). While not as flat out brilliant as the Commodore 1081 I used to own in Europe a couple of years ago (usable for many purposes), it’s still a pretty respectable vintage display device in it’s own right.