About Me

Software has turned out to be a very persistent passion. I started programming at the age of 7 or 8 (in the late eighties). Back then I leveraged IBM Advanced BASIC (BASICA) on the IBM 5150.

At the moment my primary weapons of choice are C#, Python and Node.JS (although I have played with many others and try to pick up a new language every now and then).

Professionally, I have mostly worked in automated legacy software migration (parsers, converters, various other tools), geospatial development (in an open source stack) and cloud computing (microservices, distributed computing).

In my spare time, I have a distinct interest in microcontroller programming, vintage Japanese arcade hardware and other general geekery.

Originally hailing from the tiny kingdom of Belgium, I currently live in Halifax, Canada with my extended family (my beautiful wife Marijke, and our children Sander, Bram & Katja).

Contact me: christophe [AT] diericx [DOT] net.